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:: Wensday, March 6th, 2002 ::                                   

Welcome to Jeffrey's Photo page all images you find here were taken by me and fall under copyright protection. This page is new and the galleries are small at this time. Photography is a new indever for me and one that has grown on me in a very short amount of time. This web design is not my own and the Blogger link will take you to a page with web designs that you can take for free. All they ask is for credit given where its do which I'm sure Photographers can surly understand with all the photos we post to our pages. All my photos were shot with a Minolta 7000 Maxxum. The lens used were 50mm and 70-210mm no filter was used because I haven't  forked out the cash for one (told you I was new at this). You will find a contact link next to the page title if you have a comment about the photos or the site please send a e-mail.

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